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Сайт Центра Смарт Туризма в Казахстане
izi.TRAVEL robot-guide is now available in Almaty. Free, during the night and day.

izi.TRAVEL robot-guide is now available in Almaty. Free, during the night and day.

Smartphone - is the only one thing, that a tourist needs to get acquainted with the history and sights of Almaty. Just download the app izi.TRAVEL and the robot-guide will automatically show the tours.


Center Smart Tourism launched automatic audio-guide in Almaty. It shows your location and nearby sights, the robot also tells you a short story about them in English or Russian, shows some photos and tells where to go next.
This application is developed and globally supported by Dutch izi.TRAVEL company. Now it has more than a million of users and suggests more than 5000 audio-guides in the various cities and museums throughout the world.


How does it work? Easy and free!


To start using the robot-guide, you need to download the app “izi.TRAVEL” on your smartphone from Google play, Appstore or Windows store.


After you download it, you need to click the icon of izi.TRAVEL to open the app.



As the app is launched, you see a list of the nearest tours, and you can choose one of them.



For example, if we are in Dostyk Hotel close to our office, the nearest tour is ‘The Old Center of Almaty - A Mirror of the History’. We choose this route.



If we have mobile Internet, we can just open the tour and start listening to it. If there is no mobile Internet, we need to download the tour in advance, then we won’t need the Internet during the excursion.



Then we open the map of the tour:



When you click “Blue button”, the robot-guide automatically starts giving you information of the nearest sight:



For example, if we are in Center Smart Tourism office, the robot tells us information about the Dostyk hotel.



Today there are 2 city audio-tours and 4 museum tours in Almaty, however, the collection is always expanding. 

In English: https://izi.travel/en/kazakhstan/city-guides-in-almaty


Moreover, the izi.TRAVEL audio-guides are available all over the world, and you can use the app not only in Almaty, but also in Moscow, London, Stambul, Amsterdam and many others.


If you face any difficulties, you can contact with office of Center Smart Tourism round the clock.

Center Smart Tourism is an authorized distributor of izi.TRAVEL system.


Center Smart Tourism office: Almaty, Kurmangazy st,36, lobby of Hotel Dostyk.
Call center 225 85 85, mobile +7 777 685 85 85
Web-site  http://centersmarttourism.kz/

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