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Top 3 of the most necessary travel apps for Android and iOS

Top 3 of the most necessary travel apps for Android and iOS

The most necessary travel apps for Android and Apple iOS smartphones allow to feel in traveling more comfortably and surely. Common decision of language, information and local problems of the tourists.

On the basis of a wealth experience in the sphere of tourism, the experts from Center Smart Tourism

have selected for you the most necessary apps for traveling. These applications are not the toys, but

really useful things allowing to save and feel significantly abroad it is comfortable and sure. The

applications considered by our team to solve specific problems of the tourists in every spot on the Earth

by the principle "Here and now", i.e. in generally used during the travel, but not during preparation for


Challenge № 1. Unfamiliar district

To solve this problem, you can a) buy a map or guide-book b)hire the local guide c)ask the road from

the locals. All these methods have disadvantage, that can be doubtful, to involve knowledge of a foreign

language and the unforeseen costs, which is desirable for avoiding far from house.

The solution is to install free of charge electronic Google maps



Why this? Due to its broad options:
1. Allows to determine instantly exact location by pressing of only one button
2. Control of the program is performed in any language. Usually, it adapts to the language of system of

your smartphone
3. It works in mode of the navigator and allows to lay the routes any kind of transport, it issues the voice

hints, for example "through 100 meters turn to the right", etc. When you move in unfamiliar city by car,

the navigator will help not to violate the local rules, as usually, it has information of location of the

prohibition signs, where one-way traffic, where the repair work is carried out. Plus to it, it shows the

traffic jams and lays a route taking into account a traffic.
4. It saves the history of your movements – it is useful if it is necessary to find any place where you have

already visited. Also allows to save or mark the certain places on the map. For example, the place where

you have parked the car or location of your hotel.

5. It allows to transmit your current coordinates through the SMS or the E-mail or WhatsApp. It is useful

if you were lost or if you are going to meet someone, but you do not know - your exact location.
6. It contains the feedbacks of people about the places and sights. Also, you can add the feedback

which everyone will be able to read.
7. It allows to work without Internet. Usually, the Internet on a mobile network is enough expensive,

unlike hotel or home WiFi. You can download map of the necessary area of the house or hotel, and then

the map will be displayed in phone without Internet connection during the road.


Challenge №2. Language barrier


An urgent problem. It is possible to cope in several ways: a) to learn local language b) to buy the

dictionary or a phrasebook c) to hire an interpreter. In general, all this difficultly, inefficiently or extremely



All this problems are solved by installation of the free app Google Translate



Possibilities of the application:
1. The translation of any copied texts, the websites or emails
2. Interpretation in both parties, i.e. You can direct phone to the interlocutor and ask it to speak. The

smartphone will translate oral speech into your language.
3. Translation of photos and inscriptions. The app distinguishes the letters and words in all languages

and then translates into your language. It is possible to translate, for example, the menu at the

4. Hand-written tap of words. It is possible to enter proper words by hand with the subsequent

translation into any languages
5. Work without Internet is allowed. It is possible in advance, for example, in hotel or at home to

download the necessary dictionaries, for example English-Russian, and then to use it without Internet.


Challenge №3. Shortage of information on the sights

Arriving to the unfamiliar city, the traveler often lacks the short, checked information about the place and

sights in the native language. Often such situation happens in the museums and galleries.
Traditional decisions: to hire the guide, to find in Internet and to study information in advance, to buy the

All this is difficult or require cost of money and time.


Simple problem resolution: install the electronic audio-guide of izi.TRAVEL



In a collection, there are more than 5000 sounded excursions on the most known cities and the

museums of the world.
Possibilities of the app:
1. Automatic start of the soundtracks in nearby place of interest or an exhibit. "the walk mode" is realized

- you just walk around the city, and the app prompts to you at the right time – what is there nearby to you.

In the app there is an interactive map showing your remoteness from place of interest.
2. Automatic detection of your location. Before start of  app, it will offer you the nearby city and museum

tours with the indication of distance there.

3. The choice of the objects on QR code is nearby to the exhibits. The museums connected to the

system place special tags, there is a reader of this code in the app, i.e. you shouldn't look for anything.
4. Preliminary acquaintance with the place of interest, for example, the houses. You can just open on

the computer and see – whether you should visit this excursion or place of interest in general
5. An opportunity mode offline, i.e. without Internet. You can download an interesting objects and

excursions at home or in a hotel, and then, during the walk Internet isn't necessary to you any more.
Application of these apps in practice will make your travel more easier and comfortable.
Of course, some skills are necessary, however you can master this knowledge by means
of Online Corses here.

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